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We provide any and all evidence for divorce proceedings.

Partnership fidelity

Do you want to be sure as to whether or not your partner is honest with you? We observe your partner discreetly and unobtrusively.

The company kept by youths

Do you know in which spheres your child circulates? We arrange discreet surveillance.

Employee fidelity

Do you have suspicions that your employees are violating a contractual or statutory ban on competition? Do you doubt that your former employees abide by the competition clause? Do your employees use your company property to conduct business on their own account and behind your back? We deliver the evidence.

Sick leave

Is your employee on sick leave for a considerable stretch of time already? Do you doubt whether or not your employee is really ill? Could the employee perhaps be spending a couple of sunny days at the local outdoor pool at your expense? Does this go against your grain, even though you lack proof of it?

We check as to whether or not your employee's sick leave is justified, and even furnish you with evidence enabling you to dismiss the dishonest employee.